Venue and practical infos

The conference will be held at Saint Paul’s INRA center, which is located at about 7 km from Avignon’s city center (see the ▼ map below ▼).

►► Here it is a summary of some practical information to join the venue ►► To reach the INRA from the city center you can take one of these bus: number 3 or 30. Both bus need normally half an hour to reach the INRA but at this moment the city of Avignon is interested by big road works for the implementation of the railway, so we advice to consider around 45 minutes (or something more) from the city center to the INRA.

►► Timetable for the bus 3 and 30 and their itinerary. The name of the bus stop is (simply) “INRA“.

►► Once you will get inside the center, just follow the signs to the conference venue (salle Garance).


How to get there

By plane:

The nearest airport is the Marseille-Provence one. Form the airport, you should take the shuttle bus until the Vitrolles train station and there, you can take direct train to the Avignon central station. It will take around 1h30 from the airport to Avignon.

By train:

You can reach Avignon by train from all the main France cities. From Paris Gare de Lyon it will take 2h40 to get the Avignon TGV train station. Please, remember that Avignon has two main train station: the central one is located just in front of the historical city wall. In general, local and regional trains stop there. The TGV train station is instead located around 5 km from the city center and most of the long-distance and fast train stop there. A train shuttle service is provided from the TGV to the central train station.

By bus:

Bus number 3 or 30 connect the city center of Avignon with the INRA research center in around 30 minutes. In particular, the bus 3 has its terminal at Saint Lazare door, near to the Avignon University, whereas the bus number 30 start just in front of the central train station of Avignon, inside the city wall. However, the bus number 30 has a limited amount of rides during the year. At this link you can find all the information and bus schedule:


Registration is free of charge but compulsory. It CLOSED November 11, 2016, but late delegates can write to

Accommodation & Meals

Breaks and lunches are offered to registered delegates. They will be responsible for organizing and paying their own travel, accommodation and dinners. Please inform us as soon as possible (using the conference e-mail) if you have specific needs. A list of suggested Hotels is available here (v. Sept 19, 2016).