>> Guidelines for oral presentation & poster session available<<

news and calendar
  • July 2016 –> Notification of abstract review.
  • October 7, 2016 –> Registration to the Conference.
  • Nov 1, 2016 –> Authors send poster proposals, extended abstracts (2 pages) and draft papers (8-10 pages).
  • Nov 23, 2016 –> A first version of the detailed program is online
  • Nov 30, 2016 –> the extended abstracts and the posters are online


ORAL PRESENTATION | Delegates that submitted a contribution accepted as oral will have 15 minutes + 5 for questions. Please, address the following items: (1) background of your study and link with the Conference topics, (2) methods and results, (3) discussion and open questions. The aim of the meeting is to share and debating ideas, so provide feed for thoughts! If you want to go into details, please consider to submit your manuscript for the LUP special issue (see below).
►► We will collect the pdf of the presentation to include it in the online proceedings. Please prepare a file that we can share on the conference website (e.g., credit your sources properly, include data and results that you can disseminate). Let us know if you prefer to opt-out from this opportunity.

POSTER SESSION | Delegates that submitted a contribution accepted as poster will have time for a short speech (3 minutes, no slides) during the poster session, Thursday after lunch. Please conceive it as an appetizer to motivate the participants to discuss further your ideas before leaving on Friday afternoon.

Special issue

Authors willing to apply for the special issue on Land Use Policy can submit a full manuscript of 8-10 pages. This can be a Word document (or a pdf file) in any lay-out that can be used by referees to evaluate your contribution. Only the selected contributions will be invited by the end of 2016 to submit a full paper for peer review. Then, if your manuscript is accepted you will be requested to put it in a ‘correct format’ and provide the items required for the publication. For further information, please refer to the guide for authors.

►► We thank the Authors who already sended their draft manuscript. At the end of the Conference we will provide further information on the review process.


POSTER | Don’t miss this opportunity and send us your abstract that will be considered for a poster presentationPlease, describe clearly the rationale and objective of your contribution in 300 words and insert no more than 3 references. All abstracts must be written in English. You are kindly requested to use directly one of the following templatesMS Word (.docx, 78 Kb), Open format (.odt, 45 KB) or Pdf (.pdf, 206 KB).
►► Poster should fit A0 boards. The title should be concise and printed large and clearly at the top of the left-most panel, followed by the author(s) name(s) and their addresses.  Posters should be intelligible without reference to the author or the written paper. The presentation should be arranged in a clear and logical order to read from left to right.  Keep the message simple, use clearly captioned tables and figures and avoid unnecessary detail.  A typewritten handout can be prepared for interested delegates.

EXTENDED ABSTRACT | Authors of the accepted communications will be required to send an extended abstract of 2 pages by November 1, 2016. All these abstracts will be included the online proceedings that will remain available also after the Conference. You are kindly requested to use directly one of the following templatesMS Word (.doc, 188 Kb), Open format (.odt, 164 KB) or Pdf (.pdf, 445 KB).
►► Oral presentations are expected to last 20 minutes in total, so the speakers will be required to leave time for questions. Further information will be provided along with the final programme.

All the contributions and request for information can be addressed to